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The Mountain Rat Pack

The Mountain Rat Pack   Jörg Guyan  André Renggli  Hampa Rest  with The Allegra Big Band  & The Mountain Rat Pack Strings 

Luigi Panettone

Luigi Panettone - Elvis Love Songs, cool statt laut Hampa Rest (Gesang, Gitarre) Benno Bernet (Piano) Pit Noi (Bass) Prisca Schmid (Schlagzeug)  Susanne Dubach (Violine) Barbara Kubli (Violine) Olga Niklikina (Bratsche) Chantal Steiner (Cello) 

Chili con carne

Chili con carne - Rockabilly, scharf wie Chili Isa Rest (Gesang) Andy Gfeller (Gitarre) Beat Brot (Bass) Hampa Rest (Schlagzeug)   

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